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The time has come to start my journey!! It may be a coincidence but I am leaving on 11-11-11!! A date that has been told to be very spiritual and here I begin my vacation going to a lot of places in South Asia that holds a lot of spirituality for many.

It's a 13.5 hour flight to New Delhi. As I walk on my flight I regret not up grading to business class (Mel, U will enjoy it!) I feel like cattle herding on my FULL flight. I feel like I am in India already as about 90% of the flight is Indian decent. Somehow I didn't get much sleep last night so I am Hopeful this flight goes fast as I can sleep my way thru it. I sat next to a nice man going to India for business. And, when did they start charging for wine on international flights?

The views started with a beautiful sunset followed by a pitch black sky illuminated with a radiating full moon that reflected off the airplane wing.  A perfect start to the trip!

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