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Loading up in Chicago

I always depart on a trip with a bit of angst; what did I forget this time? what if this or what if that. But, I remind myself of reality- C'est La Vie.

The 7,477 miles from Chicago to Delhi passed uneventfully. The American Airlines 777 was without an empty seat. Several small Indian children were seated nearby and I am impressed at how well they tolerated the flight. They were well behaved and their energy levels under control. I watched the movie " The Help" set in Jackson, Mississippi. It peeled back the interrelationships in the 60's between house domestics and the southern socialites who employed them. Also, I found the documentary about John Lennon to be very interesting. Instant Karma's going to get you!

Sasch, a 30ish soft spoken man was my seat mate on the flight to Delhi. I guessed he was a software engineer from Bangalore or a young doctor in Mumbai. It turned out he works in the family business in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His family left India when he was five and he's as American as the "Hawk-eyes". Sasch is on his way to a wedding of a cousin in Lucknow, a city I will visit. He described Indian weddings as "productions", some lasting for weeks. Thousands will attend his cousin's nuptials, he said.

I landed in Delhi on-time at 5:40pm. The flight lasted 13.5 hours. I easily found a taxi for the short trip to Hotel Saptagiri where I stayed last year. I will get some rest for my morning flight to Kolkata.

By the way, I forgot my adapter to charge my computer. C'est La Vie.

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