Sue and Leigh Europe 2011 travel blog

Windsor gatehouse

Raking the Queens acorns

The Long Walk, Windsor Park

Windsor Castle - the old Mote

Outside Windsor castle

Found a pub for lunch

Found a wine in the pub

We have spent five nights at our friends home in the gatehouse at Windsor Castle. The Gate house is at the end of the park which is huge. 6 Kms long. As its autumn the colours are great. The park has a walk called the Long Walk which is 2.4 Miles long, from the front door of the castle toward the gatehouse we are in. Our luck has held with the weather and we have now had 3 months with no rain. However we are seeing the English grey sky and 10 degrees.

We have been raking the Queens acorns in our friends garden as the trees are huge they are so old, working in the garden, walking in the park, having great coffee at an Italian cafe and eating at the English pubs.

Yesterday we went to Windsor Castle which is beautiful, for a castle. The royal apartments are really lovely and filled with amazing displays of china, paintings by famous artists and beautiful furniture. It was well worth the visit. Lunch in a nearby pub was mandatory.

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