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On October 13th, after traveling for more than 15 hours (1 boat, 1 tuk tuk and 6 chicken buses)we finally arrived to the revolutionary town of Leon. Although it was non-stop raining for 48 hours, it was a good time to see all the museums that Leon has to offer. One morning, we went to this impressive contemporary art gallery (Centro de Arte Fundacion Ortiz-Guardian) which is housed in these two old colonial homes. We also visited two revolutionary "museums" (which were more like decrepit buildings with old news paper clippings) that talked about Leon and its part in the Nicaraguan revolution. We met with an ex-revolutionary leader, and although we couldn't understand much that he was saying, we could still feel the passion and hope he had for Nicaragua. It was a pretty intense feeling to be walking on the same streets where so much history happened.

Another day in Leon, we went volcano boarding on Nicaragua's youngest volcano, Cerro Negro. The entire volcano is black sand, so you are able to board down it (like snowboarding). After about a 45 minute rainy and very windy hike to the top, we got into our ninja turtle gear and boarded down the volcano. We got back to Leon, and caught a bus to the beach, Las Penitas. Although it was a rainy and windy day, it was nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and stroll the empty beach.

On October 17th, we went to Laguna de Apoyo--a crater lake between the cities of Mangua and Grandada. The lake is very tranquil, and surprisingly clean (the only protected and deepest lake in Central America). We camped out and woke up to the grunts of howler monkeys. We stayed there for two nights, spending most of our time floating in tubes on the lake. We also met an awesome Aussie couple, Hayden and Bonnie that we traveled with for about a week in Nica.

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