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We arrived home from Longreach, about 4.30 and had just sat down to our coffee when the biggest storm we have seen for YEARS, just landed right on top of us! We were out attempting to get our awning down, as it was in real danger of ripping off the van - of course, the arms were bending in the gale, and everything jammed - we were absolutely drenched, with Pete screaming abuse at the wind, rain, thunder and lightning!!

Our chairs, buckets and everything else loose in the park, all ended up down in the very bottom corner jammed against the fence - found them later on. Waeco fridge was saturated - anyway, we got inside, looked at each other, and just roared laughing!!

I woke at 2am and there was still thunder and lightning raging, but the wind had gone with the earlier 'tornado' and the rain stopped through the night. Wow, what an experience. The entire caravan park was under about 3" water - red, muddy water - most of the night.

Lightning struck the power pole just outside the fence behind us, (Boy! Did we jump) and we had no - or limited - power for about an hour, until the SEC could get out to all their calls, and repair the lines. Lots of branches, some very large, are down in the park and around town - we are under large trees, so are very lucky that none came down on top of us.

Next stop an overnight back in Cloncurry, then on to Mt Isa.

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