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10 days in the desert, x2 truck break downs and the awfulness of having to spend the afternoon in a bar and then being transported to a 5*, sand boarding on the baby run at 70k ( i wasn't smiling) seeing a scorpion, safari in our truck through the etosha national park. Seeing a lion and his lioness eating their kill. Giraffes, zebra, pumba and Simone, a herd of elephants. On our early morning drive we stopped and x4 lioness walking 10 feet away from our truck. Most 'awesome' experience ( my/group word) was staying in the park with a viewing gallery and flood lite watering hole 10 ft away! Rhino and giraffes came there, incredible. We got up for the loo at 3am having been woken by the fox type things rummaging through our bins, so tempting to go at peek at the watering hole but African foxes are pretty scary!

So we have spent 10 days in the desert ( not dessert as per my previous post - I was being timed out in an Internet cafe!) and have now arrived close to the border with Botswana, in the capital of Namibia, Windhoek. Feels strange to be in a city. We are in the rhythm of tents, early mornings, nights round the camp fire and SO many stars. In a few days we are scaling down our luggage and going via a dug out canoe into the delta for a 'basic' bush camp which sounds similar to V festival. The itinerary will be early am and evening games walks in the Okavango Delta ( i don't know these names by heart, i am reading my trip notes ha ha). Thank goodness we spend a day with bush men for survival skills before we depart!

Off for a shower and beer now, leaving meal for some of the group, back on the truck tomorrow : ) Hope I have managed to upload some pic's

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