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This morning we had a bit of a lie in. We woke up at about 8 and then had an hour or so Skype session with Nick and Ali. Very difficult to organize Skype sessions with such a vast time difference between countries. 

Today is a chill day as both Colz and I are pretty poked by all the travel. The weather as well today is not so great so we went and did some shopping with Colin and Heidi at Kmart (like a game but bigger) in Hamilton. They were shopping for a tent to go camping as well a birthday present for Cayde. We ended up wandering around for about 2 hours as we found the $5 rack of clothes. I bought a jersey and vest whilst Colin bought a number of tops. Colz also got a pair of pants although hers was $25. Trust her to only find something that was not on the $5 rack.

After shopping we made our way home but not before stopping off at Burger King! For lunch, :)

Have not had for a few weeks so really enjoyed it. 

After getting home and eating we started to feel extremely DOODS. Colz went for a sleep ( it was about 14h45), but as he weather had cleared up, Colin and I went to play 9 holes of golf at Cambridge Country Club. Was so good to play some golf again and although I started with a proper duff drive which just past the ladies and a duff drive on the 9th, in between I managed a birdie, 2 pars and over all a pretty decent round. Colin playing his first round in about 4 yrs didn't do too badly but did get his ass handed to him. Kloof 1- 0 Pinetown! Or SA 1-0 NZ!

He promises revenge at tiger woods golf on X-Box this evening.

The weather cleared up really nicely and is supposed to be really good over the next few days (Yay for Sky Dive Tomorrow), and the evening has been amazing. Writing this blog entry at 19h40 and it's still light. Sun going down in about 20 min. There is a bit of a chill in the air but otherwise really good evening.

Colin bathing Cayde, Colz and Heidi making lasagna and pretty much chilling.

Tomorrow Colz and I go off to Taupo for the night as my sky dive is for tomorrow and then we will stay the night as the area is beautiful and then will drive back but go through Rotorua on Friday. Colin and Heidi taking Cayde to the zoo in Auckland on Friday. 

Chev, I just want to apologize for my lack of consistency over the past few days with the blog. I know you are missing me terribly and this is like a drug to keep you going, will do the best I can not to fall behind again! :) missing you guys too.

Hope everyone well and we are now in the 2nd half of our trip, so closer to home than we are to the beginning of the trip!

Send us news.

Love us.

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