Walking With Cheetahs 2011 travel blog

"Gimpy" is a parking marshall who works the street our hotel is located on. We nick named him Gimpy on account that he had a gimpy leg. He spends most of his days and evenings hanging around the street assisting those needing a car park. If that person is generous then they will tip him for 'minding' their car (not that I think he could offer much protection anyway). We figure they must only make just enough money to buy meals for that day.

These parking marshalls pop out from nowhere and in the most unusual places. We managed to find a look out to the heads at Knysna but it was located in the centre of the most oppulent homes that overlooked the cliffs. As we got out this man appeared from no where saying we are his first customers, that he will take good care of our car and that it is his birthday (yeah right). How he got up there is anybodies guess and why the residents allow him to loiter there is also a mystery.

Each night we had our dinner, either from our balcony or from the front verandah of the restaurants across the street we would observe Gimpy at work. One customer gave him their doggy bag so he could have some dinner, that was kind of sad to watch. However, each parking marshall works hard for their income and without doubt they will always give each driver a send off as they vacate their park. After assisting you to get your car out and giving you the all clear, they wave you off then give you two thumbs up and a smile as you drive away!! Talk about friendly service....

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