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This mornin we woke up and said our goodbyes to Jamie and Grace and Lucas ( his 5 yr old twins) which were apparently miracle kids as they were prem having been born at 24mths. He was an absolutely amazing guy and hope he comes to visit SA so we can repay the hospitality.

We then went for a quick take away coffee and then hit the road to take Alex to pick up his hire car. He got a yellow VW lupo which looks like a Mickey mouse dinky dy car! Qite funny. 

We made a quick stop at the south Auckland caravan park to visit the toilet and dump out and clean out the van toilet before we  headed onto towards Cambridge. The drive was easy and took us about 1 and a half hours.

We arrived to see Colin and Cayde playing out front. Was really awesome to see  friendly faces,  Felt a little bit like a home coming. Think Colz almost teared up! was great to see Colin and Heidi again and there house is amazing.  They have an amazing yard, spacious 4 bedrooms and a great deck outside and backyard for Cayde. It really is fantastic and they have done up a room for us which is amazing. A real bedroom and pillows!!!!!!

We drove around the town and went to see heidis parents and sister. The town is really beautiful and can see why they really happy here. Definitely think they made the right decision.

 Ali & Nick we have made our decision and reckon this is the place for you. After seeing Aus and now here this place is a real winner. Reckon you two would love it! 

After stopping off at the grocery store we went home to have Heidi cook us an amazing meal of chicken and veg. Really what we felt like. Also cooked Al a lamb chop as he couldn't come to NZ and not have lamb!

Al Colin and I then played x box game of guitar hero where I played the drum set which Colin has, he played guitar and Alex sang with the mic. Was actually really good fun and I think the beginnings of a dream has started which could well end with a Madison Square Garden sell out! 

We then watched the amazing race Aussie version and showed Colin and Heidi the you tube video of the mountain biker being take out by a buck at albert falls dam the other day.

After a long 3 days we then crashed and could not wait to sleep in the bed. Al went to sleep in the camper.

Tomorrow up early as we headed to waitomo caves!!!! Can't wait!

Bye for one.

PS no news from home? Everything gone quiet!

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