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Our motorhome is poolside at the Carmichael Elks

Since arriving in the Sacramento area, we have been experiencing some of our warmest weather year to date, high 80s. While we haven't had warm temperatures on the coast, it feels nice to have a taste of summer in the fall. So far, our visit in the Capital City has been rest and visits to Costco. The pool near our motorhome looks inviting, but it doesn't seem to be heated.

Sunday evening we joined John, Lori & Hailey at Tex Wasabi for dinner and friendship catch-up. We had a good time with them and hearing about their life in Sacramento.

Monday we had an interesting shopping event at Walmart, one of the few stores we frequent on a regular basis as fulltime travelers. There are several reasons for using this mega giant store chain. For the most part their prices are reasonable, even though they are trimming selection in most of their stores. For the fulltimer, they occaisionally have locations where you may park in their lot for the night, a nice gesture; parking in their lot generally means making purchases at that store. They have a national prescription database, therefore you can go anywhere to get your Rx refilled as we did this morning. Most of the time the stores are all layed out the same and it's fairly easy to find what you came in for. On this particular day, we dropped off our Rx and began shopping in the store. We didn't expect our Rx to be ready before we left, but we thought it would be a good use of time to go ahead and pick up some groceries and other essentials. As we placed our items on the counter to be scanned, the cashier told us they didn't have any plastic shopping bags. My reaction to her was, "When will you be getting them?" She responded by saying, "We haven't had those in 2 years, but you can purchase our lovely reusable bags." My response, "Yeah, right." As we were departing the store, I found someone who looked to have some level of responsibility to let him know that with no bags, we wouldn't return. His nonverbal response seemed to say, "Whatever."

By now I'm more than a little disgusted, but Bev trys to suggest that this has been coming for several years now. Well Walmart can bring it on or try to move this environmental charade, but I don't need to go into stores that can't or rather won't even offer the most basic service. In the future I will now need to determine which stores offer FREE grocery bags. Let's chalk one up for everyone who thinks this kind of move will actually make a difference. I can already hear the responses from those who do and I don't believe it. I guess they are taking lessons from the airline industry. There I feel much better already!

This morning I washed all of the exterior windows on the motorhome and the view of the outside world has greatly improved. We continue to enjoy relaxing in the warm valley weather, we are awaiting to hear what our next stop will be (Bev's neurosurgery visit). Until later, we'll see you down the road..................

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