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Who on earth suggested Mossell Bay is worth seeing????

We left Outdshoorn on our way to Knysna via Mossell Bay, but first, lest have a quick peak at the town we're about to leave. We drove along the main road which we then realised was taking us out towards Cango Caves (opposite direction) so did a U-ey and turned back. Heading back into town we saw a shop that was open with feather dusters out the front. Lets buy a feather duster?? Made from Osterich feathers, they are so soft. We didn't stop at that, we also bought an osterich egg, plate and who knows what else. Worth the pit stop. The eggs we bought are carved which you place a tea candle in. The lady turned the shop lights out to give us a demo, they look amazing, all carved intricately with the soft glow from the tea light... we could have bought half a dozen!

Now it's time to hit the road. A few people advised Mossell Bay is very pretty and worth seeing. We drove out of our way to get there and ummmm not pretty, in fact Karen can't even remember it, that's how good it was (I'll remind her later about our ham and tomato sandwhiches we ate near the beach watching some mad kid fish from the rocks with massive waves crashing over them.... it's coming back to her now hehehe)

On our way from there to Knysna we flew past this sign... we over shot Bottlierskiop! This was the elephant place we were going to have picnics with ellies.. crap!

The scenery along the Garden Route is very pretty, regardless if your are inland or on coast. There is a lost of sea mist that covers the coast line so sometimes it's hard to see the beaches etc.

We were suppose to visit an osterich farm but time didn't permit however, who needs to go on a tour when the farms are alongside the road and so are the osteriches. We pulled up beside one and discovered a little tortoise trying to make his way to the road, Debra quickly rescued him and spun him around with his little legs flailing in the air, he hastily headed back into the shrubs away from the road. We then took some pics of these massive birds, a couple came up to the gate, just as inquisitive about Debra and her camera as she was of them.

Made it into Knysna early that arvo, it was a great run through. Our hotel was situated in an area that surprised us based on the photos we saw on their website. Bed was rock hard and Debra had to move the telly so as to see it otherwise the solid beam in the centre of the room blocked the view... but we had a balcony!! overlooking the street and a chinese restaurant.

This is where we first saw Gimpy.....

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