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Today we leave Cape Town behind us (so sad) and head to Outdshoorn - osterich capital of Sth Africa.

With no map we just headed east on N2 thinking the coastal road will be prettier. Realising this is too much of a detour we had to find a way to get to Route 62. We made a pit stop at Swellendam, where once you've committed to entering the town, there are no directions on how to get back out!! But their shopping mall was so neat and tidy! It is a small town similar to what you would find in USA.

We find our way out and back on N2. Our detour to Route 62 will be via Tradouw Pass and make our way to a cute little country town called Barrydale. Not knowing what was in store, we were so amazed by the scenery of Tradouw Pass that we stopped almost every 5 minutes to take pics. We sped thru Barrydale as time was a wastin'!

We arrived at Adley House in Outdshoorn about 4.30pm, just in time for check in and with just enough petrol. We slowed down thru Calitzdorp to fill her up as that was the last 'big' town before Outdshoorn but we, ummm, thought otherwise... lock the doors and wind the windows up!

Once in Outdshoorn it is a complete contrast to the landscape on its outskirts. The streets are lined with beautiful big trees and nearly every second house is a B & B. Dinner was at Brian's Grill. Nice food but stubborn management. For us it was a cold night so we asked if they could turn on the heaters, we got fobbed off with a BS excuse that they will set the roof on fire due to their heat (like to know who then installed the heaters... from the ceiling?? an Irishman perhaps??).

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