Walking With Cheetahs 2011 travel blog

Tues and Wed were spent in therapy.... retail therapy!.

* Tues - V & A Waterfront. Looks just like Darling Harbour only nicer, cleaner and more expensive with shops like Gucci and Yves St Laurent... but we still managed to find a souvenier shop to buy nick nacks. Lunch was on the balcony/verandah overlooking the marina/wharf. We both ordered chicken schnitzel.... never again! Optional sauces was garlic butter, thinking it would be a creamy sauce we both ordered it, nah it was butter. Chicken was too oily, stick a fork in it and oil ran out!! Next we made our way to the Aquarium, it was recommended and Karen decided it was time we did something "touristy". It was good, interesting and got to watch penguins being fed.

Therapy was over, one bag of shopping in hand, it was time to head home. Umm, cos our mobile phone doesn't work over here we weren't able to call our cab back so we took... the bus. You don't pay the driver or put a ticket in a machine, you hop on, take a seat then a ticket collect wanders up the aisle and collects your fare... much like the old days (we presume hehehe). We were advised by another passenger to get off at central city as it was just up the road from our hotel. It was similar to Central Station. By the time we made it to the street we couldn't find our bearings, so off we trot trying to not look like lost tourists. We zig zagged our way through town when a homeless woman made a bee line for Karen. She was begging for food for her and her child. She wouldn't leave us so we raced into another shop as she would not take no for an answer. We then made it to our hotel.. 30 min later, exhausted.

* Wed - took the cab to Century City, biggest shopping centre in southern hemisphere... supposedly. The cab driver, very friendly, wished us well on our day of shopping and told us to buy up big!! We went home with 2 bags of shopping this time!!! yay!! LOL.

400 shops under one roof, mostly clothes, next door to some theme park. Karen buys a top and Debra buys a bio on Johnny Depp (I can't help it, it was on sale!!!) We considered seeing a movie so as to make the most of our day but thought we'd probably fall asleep during it so bought an ice cream and sat out near the canal instead. This time we got the help desk at the shopping centre to call our cab for us. We waited at the same spot the cabbie dropped us off at. Almost 45 min later another cabbie arrived (finally!!) but he drove past on the street behind us. Apparently he went past us 3 times, back and fourth, looking for us while we were watching for any cabs coming into the parking lot. But this time we got home safe.

* Thu - Flo arrives!!!! Today our car is to be delivered to our hotel. Instead of the bip bip barina style chev we ended up with a brand spanking new Nissan Tida. Karen ended up calling her Flo because of her number plate, I wanted to call her Betsy because she was just sooooo slow!! But she got us to where we needed to go.

We opted to drive to Hermanus to see the whales. We got as far as the outskirts - no whales. But we passed thru some gorgeous coastal country side. We visited places like Strand (by mistake) and Gordon's Bay - stunning views.

The sights you see on the road!! They bubble wrap everything, including cars on transport trucks and....... coffins! We overtook a little truck with a wide load of glad wrapped wood, it wasn't until we were side on we realised they were coffins.

Thu night we ventured out for dinner, all dressed up. We ate at the Ritz, but it wasn't like any Ritz we've known.. ummm needed a bit of an uplift (spit and polish). Reason for dining here is the restaurant revolves. It's located in Sea Point or Green Point (some point) but you get to see Lions Head, both Point suburbs, their new swanky stadium where our mates Cold Play were just the night before and then the lights of the town. It takes about 1 hour to do 360 which is enough to get served, eat, listen to some music then decide on dessert (an extra half hour for dessert so by then you're back at Green Point). Meal was absolutely delicious. The best we'd had in Cape Town so well worth the visit.

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