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Janaya.. Jodi... Oreo & Boomer

Hubby Ken surveying their back yard

And it's a good yard to survey!




All gone... until tomorrow. Wow!!

What a whirlwind this is!! ^_^ Luckily I have a lot more energy than I did last year!! ha We've been doing the 'once-month-cooking' routine and it's really fun in her brand new kitchen... particularly with a view like that... :) Daughter Lauri in Colorado has a magnificent view of Pike's Peak.... BUT she sent a picture yesterday showing snow on the deck table.... Yikes!! We've been blessed with the 70's all week here.... (I know ... wait until the dead of winter when they get their springlike spells out there!) However, I much prefer a spot where there's VERY little chance of snow at all. Ha

Not much else is new... we're here awaiting the big event... will keep you posted!

Love to all.... God Bless!!

P & E

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