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La Mano del Deserto, a.k.a Hand of the Desert

Our bus ride through the desert. No vegetation for 100's of kilometres

12 water tap at an oasis in the middle of no where

Today was a 3 hour trip into the desert to see yet another mine. This ride keeps getting longer and longer and you can add very dusty to the description. Our little bus doesn't have air conditioning and the dust just seams to flow up into the bus. Add a little dry dessert heat and you have the makings of another fun bus ride. Imagine seeing no vegetation for hundred's of kilometers, not even a blade of grass.

For the non geology people Louis saw a big pit with local bright green rocks and blue rocks. The mine had a 12 foot water tap in their little oasis. Pam went to the hardware store and bought colourful tiles as souvenirs, then a trip to the Jumbo grocery store.

On the way back stopped at La Mano del Deserto, a.k.a Hand of the Desert. We were all pretty tired so it was great to have a handbreak. It is located in the desert of Northern Chile (Atacama desert, which is the driest on earth). Built by a Chilean artist Mario Irrarrazaval. Not sure where the rest of the statue is.

As always the skies are blue, no rain. The locals say it rains 1 day a year, and it really isn't rain more of a drizzle.

Tonight we decided to go out and try Chinese food. First of all no difference, we still couldn't tell what we were ordering. Next thing the food in Chile is good but bland tasting most of the time. The waiter asked us if we wanted regular or spicy. Well we ordered spicy but you could never tell.

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