Continuing Adventures 2007 + travel blog

Remember Silver Lake?

Stressed out cat...

Same dog..different couch

Our very own Marilyn & Tim

Phil with Mary our adventuresome one!!! ^_^

OK.. I'm Trying to keep my eyes open...

Out the front door at Maple Grove KOA

Right in front...

Hixton-Alma KOA ...behind us

...beside us... the front...

Free from the apple trees at the park!! ^_^

Finally... a few sites from our trip so far! Obviously trees play an important part in this business... ;) P didn't get any pictures of the boys playing football but both Royce & Ben won their games! He also got to see a Gopher Hocky Game... We spent food time with both sets of favorite relatives... JP's at Buco di Beppo and the sister's at California Pizza Kitchen. Great food! Great time!

Today we're heading on toward the Jodi & Ken household... hopefully the new grandbabe will get her ASAP so we can get to hold him/her for a while... legally P & E are great-grandparents again... (of course, we all knew that all along... ) (smile...)

Hope all of you are enjoying the neat weather we're having! Anyone of you having a touch patch, our prayers are with you! And all of you should know how often you're thought about by all of us!!

Ki, Bran & Lily send hugs... er... licks and barks!

God Bless

P & E

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