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Dawnie's first capture!

Pelicans everywhere!

Don't know about this one.....

Woke up to a very cold and windy day. Skies are grey and drizzles of rain appear every now and then. We started to make our way out of the Parnka Point Park where we stayed last night. There are skinks every where here, we stopped to review our maps and camps book when I spotted one just outside my van door. I seized the opportunity, jumped out and picked up my first skink lizard. He was a feisty one, hissed at me a few times than went limp and stiff in my grip. I showed Jason, very proud of my capture and once we got a photo I put him back down to freedom. It didn't take him long to run back into the bush.

There are many kangaroos laying in the fields basking themselves in what little sun may come out here and there. The kangaroos here are red and large. You see them in fields right along side horses, cows and sheep. Neither seems concerned over the others presence so I guess it works well for the both of them.

We stopped in at Jack Point which offers an observatory looking out on the breeding islands. These islands are protected and the Pelicans thrive here. There are more than 1500 Pelicans here. All you can see are their white bodies lining the islands hills as you approach the observatory building. High over head there are hundreds of these enormous creatures flying above coming in for a landing on the island. What a view, we zoomed in with the camera to get as close as we could to photograph these beauties. I don't know what it is about these birds but I love them.

We carried on our way, making it out of the Coorong Coast and into the Limestone Coast. We landed in Kingston and we will stay at the information rest area here for the night.

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