Walking With Cheetahs 2011 travel blog

Toady our group had caracal walk in the morning. Today we had two extra guests. They are visitors staying at the lodge who have paid to come on this walk so it will be a little shorter than usual.

We drove them to the waterhole instead of walking them there but still let them play around in the dry water bed. They are quite affectionate so most of the time the caracals would be with some one with in the group, purring and rubbing against us.

After some time at the waterhole, our Bushman guide Johannes, set us off on a walk through the open field and back to the car. The walk is through long grass, we walk in single file so most of the time you're looking down to watch where you are stepping to avoid walking into a deep whole or veering off track. On a previous walk, we have seen osterich in this area.

We would casually walk along, just taking our time. Occassionally Johannes would stop and allow the paying guests to get certain photos of the caracals. Suddenly, we heard a rustle. Thinking it was one of the caracals leaping for something in the long grass, we looked back and waited for their stream line ears to pop up from the undergrowth. But the rustle was "heavier". The caracals are quite light, not much bigger than a domestic cat and this sound was being made by a heavy animal.

All of a sudden this wart hog leaps out from the long grass and bolts away with its tail standing straight up in the air!! Everyone stopped with their mouths gaping as we followed the amazing site of a wart hog running at high speed not far from where we were standing. When he faded into the distance, we all in unison went... 'Pumbaaaaaa'!!

We have got to watch the Lion King again LOL

I have to say, wart hogs are quite cute!!

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