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Yay - Town Trip and we are off the farm for a whole day. Whoo hoo.

A town trip is a visit to the mall in Windhoek. About a 40min drive on a dirt road. Have we mentioned that there are only approx 4 roads in Namibia that are tarred? All the rest are dirt gravel roads and these can be highways - main roads.

So off to Windhoek we go in a school bus.

The mall is about half the size of Westfield Kotara and has your basic clothes shops, homeware shops and supermarket.... oh and an internet cafe!!! yay.... but crap, it's Sunday and its closed... bugger.

The Mall closes at 1pm so we mostly wandered around, bought some snacks etc such as Pineapple flavoured Fanta - it's delicious!! We had it in Europe, can't understand why they don't sell it back home :(

After we shop til we drop, we are taken to an interesting place for lunch called Joe's Beer House. Ummm hard to describe this place, its rather eclectic, odd signs are posted about the place such as: "Drink has made many ladies be loved who would otherwise die single" LOL - what a classic??

We opted for smorgesboard and for those who are game (not us naturally) you could try Zebra, Oryx and Kudu meat.

It was an interesting afternoon though 3 hours was a tad too long. So not much souvenier shopping was had on this Sunday...

On our journey back to the farm we saw a Zebra on the side of the road... Our First!!

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