Walking With Cheetahs 2011 travel blog

Hottest Day yet!

Our showers for the tent people (there are 10 tents in total outside the boundary fence - so we called ourselves the tent people)carked it. They had to get new donkeys.

What? What is this about Donkeys and Showers? Will come back to that.

Today our task was Enclosure Patrol. This is where we walk the boundaries of all carnivore enclosures and test the electric fences. As there are quite a few enclosures the group that does this task usually splits in two to save time. The group we were in only had 1 member having completed the task before, so all of us walked all the enclosures in one go. If split in two the task can take up to 2 hours starting at 8am.

We took 3 hours - missed muffin break and went straight into a baby baboon walk.

Not Happy Jan! Nearly died as the temp rose, the water depleted and our stamina was nowhwere to be seen.

During our patrol Debra was testing the fence of the 3 lions. There is an electric wire on the outside of the fence but it is the wire inside the enclosure we have to test. First thing you have to do is make sure there are no animals around. The lions esp love to run out of nowhere and say boo! So after our careful check Debra stepped up to test the wire. But being vertically challenged she stepped a tad too close to the outside wire. All of a sudden, Megan and myself heard a crackle and then a yelp from Debra. With a few profanities and then a "THAT HURT!" we both realised that Debra had been zapped. She had a burn mark on her leg to prove it. She is ok now and guess what - never tested another fence again.

Oh yes the Donkey's. When they told us at a group meeting that they would be getting "new donkey's" a few of us looked at each other and asked what happened to the old donkey's and had anyone seen a donkey at all? A donkey is what the Namibian people call a HWS.

Anyways this meant us tent people would be out of showers and toilets for a few days. We would have to walk down to camp through the gate, pass the cheetah and Sylvie for a shower and toilet.

An update on this - the showers and toilets for the tent people only became avail the day before we left. So for most of our stay we had to trudge down to camp.....exercise, exercise, exercise. This is not fun anymore!

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