Walking With Cheetahs 2011 travel blog

What a bloody day!

They have us working hard on the farm.

First up in the morning at 8am we head off for a walk with 2 Caracals. They are just like your domestic cat (how is my Georgia) except with streamlined ears. They purr but only quietly and they do rub up against you just like your domestic cat. Hard to think that they are a carnivore and a wild animal. We are walking along dirt tracks towards a dry water hole in the middle of an open plane. Yet the cats don't wander far from us.

Our afternoon task was Project Work. This does not involve animal time - it is actually "slave labour". Our task today was digging holes. But not the convential way - we had to do it absolutely manually.

With a 2 metre steel spike and a pair of gloves we dug a hole and excavated the dirt with our hands. Did we mention the temp got to 30 + deg and no shade and the ground was compacted and rocky. Hey but us two succeeded in digging a hole that was a metre deep and 30 cms wide. Well done Debra - she now is sporting a good pair of biceps LOL.

For our efforts they treated us along with the other volunteers to a carnivore feed tour in a proper game viewing truck and then drinks at the lodge. We saw Jackal, Warthog and a Hartebeast. 6 of us opted to have hand and feet massages. Well worth the N$100 even though we had only been at the sanctuary 2 days, boy, did we need that attention.

6 of us opted to leave the lodge early as we were tired and so we were taken back in a jallopy. We had to lean forward for it to cross the river and drive up the other side.

It coughed and spluttered its way home. We were nearly tempted to walk in front with one of our lanterns as it seemed a safer option.

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