Walking With Cheetahs 2011 travel blog

Monday is our official work day. We are put into groups and each day has different tasks.

Today for us is food prep day ie prepare the food for all animals on the farm and sanctuary. Feeding chickens, rabbits, turkeys, Sylvie and Lilly. Sylvie is a Duiker and Lilly is a Steenbok. We also have to feed baby, junior and senior baboons. Then when that is done at 11am we go on a carnivore feed. This is where we throw fresh horse meet to lions, cheetahs, leopards and wild dogs - they have Mickey Mouse Ears LOL.

We didn't realise just how massive an animal the lion can be. After feeding the cheetahs and leopards we go to the lions enclosure where we meet Meatball the lion and Gobblina the lioness his sister. Meatball is infact cowardly so think Wizard of Oz and the sister is the more ferocious. We hear Meatball nearly everymorning at @ 4:30 am in time with the Rooster. Meatball is probably 2kms from our tent but it sounds like he is in the tent next door.

At the end of our carnivore feed time permitting we have Cheetah Time. And today, we got Cheetah time :)

This is where the co-ordinator allows us into the enclosure of 3 wild cheetahs. The cheetahs will sit and allow us to pat them if the mood strikes them.

These are famous cheetahs having starred in numerous Hollywood films.

The experience was awesome. And to hear them purr is just thrilling. They also make a squeaking sound like a newborn kitten. Just amazing.

To feed all the carnivores tame and not so tame we have to stand approx 2 metres from an electric fence and throw the meat over. Sorry we weren't brave enough to stand inside the enclosure and hand feed - well not this week. Also the actual throwing of the meat is not an easy task. After getting over the fact that you are looking at parts of a horse, zebra or Oryx it is a heavy lump of meat to throw over a 10ft fence........... Mind the thorny bushes

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