Walking With Cheetahs 2011 travel blog

We arrived in Namibia on Saturday the 17 Sept and the temp was 28 deg....Hot!

We were collected at the airport by Phillip and we putted along at 120km on a tar road, saw a few baboons before the turnoff! For the next 40 kms of our journey we were on dirt highway. Red dust, ruts, bumps, hills passing Namibia's University (on a friggin' dirt road !!!!!)finally arriving at the main gate of N/a 'an ku se - our home for the next 2 weeks. The main gate was "manned" by a 14 year old Bushman boy wearing a security shirt.

Interesting fact of this farm - its main supporter is .................

Jolie-Pitt Foundtion. And for those who don't know that is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who subsequently were there in Dec 2010.

We were escorted to our accommodation ..... what do you think we stayed in?

A Bloomin' Tent! For 2 weeks - count them 14 days in a tent!!!! On the outside of the sanctuary meaning wild cheetah and leopard walking past. Also means long walks to ammenities........ Yes laugh:)Each tent is named after an animal - infact all accommadation on the farm relates to an animal. Guess what our's was called? Also our tent was brand new - whoo hoo!

The name of our tent was.....................Shreik! Can someone please look this up as we had no internet for 2 weeks and even the co-ordinators were in dispute with what it is or how it is pronounced - so we dubbed it the Shrek Tent and please no Swamp or Princess Fiona jokes !

First night - immediately after our arrival we were asked to "jump" on the back of a ute - a Land Rover Truck - and we were driven at high speed past thorn bushes along the dirt tracks to a braai (bbq)that was being set up in an empty water cement tank in the middle of nowhere - the desert. They prepared potato salad, we watched our first African sunset as they prepared the fire, once dark they cooked the steaks served them up, took a bite then they told us it was Oryx not cow! Very tasty :)

First nite in tent went like this:

Karen: "Debra, you awake?"

Debra: "huh???"

Karen: "Can you hear that noise?"

Debra: "ugggh?? what noise?"

Karen: "Something is scratching, must be an insect??"

Debra: "hey, what??" still half asleep

Karen: "Oh, don't worry, its only your doona moving against the canvas, you can go back to sleep now"

Debra: "grumble, grumble, grumble"

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