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Leaving Saskatoon was both scary and exciting. Up until we left I had not truly felt like this whole trip was real. The three flights that took us to Fiji were long, but it was altogether one of the best journeys I have ever had going such a long distance. Having thordie there with me made the whole experience substantially easier than if I would have gone alone. Sitting on those planes with him I realized that if I had ended up traveling by myself I probably would not have made it much past the fist security check in saskatoon airport, I would have been way too nervous. Our longest layover was at LAX, where we had about 11 hours to wander around Los Angeles. We decided to leave the airport and were very pleased that we did. We took a taxi to Manhattan Beach, just a few minute ride away from the airport,and had lunch at a little French restaurant. Afterwards we wandered around on the beach and took in the amazing views and the fresh ocean air. The feeling of fresh, moist air was a huge relief compared to the dry, stale air of the airplane. 

We arrived in Fiji at 530 the next morning where we met Eli,the man that took us to our first hostel, Bamboo. Surprisingly both thordie and i were not too exhausted when we got there so we decided against taking a nap. We waited around for our room to be cleaned and had our free breakfast. While we waited we took thordies travel hammock and walked out onto the beach to set it up. It was gorgeous there, although the beach was nothing special and didn't look too inviting. When we were led to our room we were both surprised with how nice it was, we had a separate room with a little balcony and a shared bathroom. 

Not really knowing of much else to do, we grabbed a volleyball and played a game with some of the other hostelers and workers. It was really fun, and the temperature was perfect, although incredibly humid. After looking around the area we realized that where we were there was actually very little to do. Realizing that we would not have anything to fill up our time with for four more days we looked into other options.

At the moment thordie and i are on a little (kind of terrible) ferry that will take us to another island where we are to stay three nights until we take another ferry to another nearby island for another three nights. This morning we took a  four hour bus ride to the ferry and then walked around the busy, dirty town of Suva. The ferry ride is supposed to take about 12 hours, which I am not excited for at all. However it is much better than staying in Nadi for the whole time where there was little to nothing to do. We dont really know what to expect once we get to these islands, but we are hoping for the best and frankly as long as thordie is with me I will be happy to stay almost anywhere.

The next day: so the ferry ride ended up taking 17 hours in total, it was a little ridiculous after already having travelled so long getting to Fiji. We are in Taveuni at the moment staying in an amazing hostel. The friendliness of every single person we have run into during our stay so far in fiji does not cease to amaze me. I have never been in a place with people so outwardly generous, nice and welcoming. I am very excited about our next few days on these new islands.

Tomorrow we are heading to the waterfalls and waterfall slides on the island and the next day we are going to a private island, which is all included in the fee of the hostel.  

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