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We arrived in Utila last Saturday (September 24th) to begin our open water diving certification. And, after our first open water dive, we were completely addicted. Being 15 to 30 meters underwater is a completely different world and when you are scuba diving, you get such a better perspective of it. So we ended up staying 3 extra days to complete our advanced open water certification, which was awesome. Staying in a place longer then expected is starting to become a common trip theme. But we just fell in love with diving, which is unfortunate because it is a very expensive hobby (even though Honduras has the cheapest diving in the world, which was a prime reason we decided to stay to get our advanced certification). Some of the highlights were our night time dive and our deep dive to a shipwreck. It was crazy being deep under water in total blackness, but we each had our own flashflight to check things out with. The shipwreck was 100 feet deep and the boat was 100 feet in length and we got to swim around inside it. Some of the aquatic life we were able to see were stingrays, octopus, lobsters, eels, and all kinds of beautiful fish(angelfish, trunkfish, barracuda, balloonfish, drumfish, flounders, trumpetfish, parrotfish). This morning we ended our time in Utila with two dives which were some of the best, but the highlight of the day was swimming with a huge family of dophins! We were done with our dives, but our captain spotted them and let us all hop in the water with just our mask and fins on. We were about 10 or 15 feet away from all of the dolphins as they swam past, including many baby ones. They were probly 30 or 40 in all and it was amazing hearing them underwater as they swam past. Luckily, our captain Ryan let us hop in the water with them two different times. Definitely an unforgettable moment. Our scuba instructors were awesome and we want to go back next summer for the next certification level and to see the whale sharks of course(which we missed by a few weeks).

We are now back in mainland Honduras in La Ceiba and are heading to the Mayan ruins in Copan in the morning. Cheers

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