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View from the hotel. On one side the ocean, on the other...

Cormorants along the sea shore

A pelican flying by

Surfers, braving what I would think is cold water.

Didn't know but we ate one of these ugly eels the other...

Today we moved around and changed hotels, but still staying in Antofagasta for a few more days. Will miss the life of the spa and casino and have to put up with screaming sea gulls. But will have a nice ocean view from the room and nice city view from the back of the hotel.

Walked along the sea shore again today. Included a couple of pictures cormorants and pelicans against a nice surf. There were a couple of fisherman with small traditional fishing boats fishing just beyond the breaks. Further down we saw about a dozen surfers enjoying themselves in what I am sure was cold water. They are just getting through their winter here in Chile and the water that comes by here is part of the Humboldt current that comes from the Antarctic.

Discovered the Jumbo store chain in Chile. It is like a huge grocery store that has a Walmart within it. They sell everything and everything. Will be worth going back again.

The other day mentioned that we ordered supper with a lot of sounds and hand signals. What I thought was the hand signal for fish swimming turned out to be eel. Now we know "Congrio" in Spanish does not mean a type of fish. Actually it should mean the ugliest eel ever(see the attached picture). Strange at the time we remember saying the fish did have a different texture, more firm than usual. Mental note: stay away from the fish unless you know what they look like.

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