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Carpe at Camp Navajo RV Park
Thanks to friends Ben & Bonnie Ackerman...

Seeing Double???
Carpe with Ackerman's '08 Itrasca Ellipse. Different colors, but same "swirlies".

Before departing Bullhead City we topped off the diesel at Sam Club

Pulling up Union Hill on AZ 68
A fairly steep grade out of...

Union Hill summit. We'd climbed from 600' in about seven miles

Last nite's dinner was at Rod's Steak House
A favorite, but the steak...

Bonnie Ackerman & Bob at "Wiener Roast" pot luck

Ben Ackerman, our most gracious host

Bonnie & Sandi having fun despite the rain

Thu, 29 Sep: It was with reluctance that we bade farewell to Ray and Cathie Bailey and their generous hospitality. We'd imposed on them long enough and Ray needed to move their coach onto the "guest pad" so he could clean it up and put it in the garage. Our work with our storage shed was complete, and we both feel good about what we managed to achieve. On the whole, much more "stuff" left the coach than came aboard (no, none of the bears were evicted).

We rolled wheels at 0800 and bob drove Carpe across the Colorado to Sams Club while Sandi followed in the car. We topped off the diesel at "only" $3.719/gallon, the least expensive diesel we've purchased all year. We then connected the car and headed up (and "up" is the operative word here) out of the Colorado River Valley. Immediately outside Bullhead City is Arizona 68 and Union Hill, which takes one from about 600' altitude to more than 3,200' altitude in just a few miles. We drove it in fourth gear and Carpe did very well.

Once at the Summit we continued to climb to Kingman, but at a much gentler slope. At Kingman we joined US 93 and then I 40 east toward Flagstaff. Our only stop was for a driver switch and shortly after noon we exited at Bellemont where Ben & Bonnie Ackerman were waiting for us. Ben is retired military and they are staying at the Camp Navajo RV Park on the National Guard facility. We are staying as their guests.

Camp Navajo is an active military facility and the RV park is really nice. Water and electric (50 amperes) sites that are quite spacious. It is at 7,100' altitude, so it is COOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! We snuggled under our blankets overnite and right now we are enjoying windows open breezes rich with the scent of pine.

It was good to rejoin Ben & Bonnie. We'd met them several years ago at a Winnebago rally. They are full timers who live in a 2008 Itasca Ellipse 40' coach—just like Carpe. Their coach is a different color and floor plan, but as you can see by the pix, the paint scheme is identical. We very much enjoy their company so this will be a fun few days.

Last evening we took them to Rod's Steak House in Williams. Williams in about twenty miles west of here, so it was a quick drive on I 40. Alas, Rod's was not up to their usual standards as both Ben & Sandi's steaks were quite tough. We got back home a bit after eight and we were in bed by 2130. These early wakeup days aren't our cup o' tea.

Fri, 30 Sep: It started out just gorgeous, but by mid afternoon the clouds started to form and soon we heard the distant rumble of thunder. A series of thunder cells moved through the area and for a few hours it rained pretty steadily. The temps, which didn't exceed the high seventies, started dropping into the cool and then "darn chilly" range.

The "happy campers" sharing the Camp Navajo RV campground had organized a wiener roast pot luck, and by gum rain wasn't about to deter us from eating! The recently built ramada was pressed into service. The eats were excellent and we had a wonderful time getting to meet and know new folks. We know we've said this before, but RVers seem to be uniformly nice folks.

It got cooler and cooler which eventually dampened our spirits so we retreated to Carpe's cozy interior. A quiet evening reading and then to bed. Adios September...

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