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ma wee pal who i was para wanted to steal my camera

wee dude playing in his families band

Cerro De La Cruz

view from Cerro De La Cruz

After 3 flights and 2 yellow Valium I finally arrived in Guatemala city, walked out of airport into hot clammy heat and the wee guy was waiting with a bit cardboard with my name on it..thank god!!!

The drive was about an hour, i attempted some basic spanish as the guy had no english but wasnt really happening so just sat and took in the view, during that time we went through the city surrounded on both sides by mountains,loads of people on the side of the street selling just about everything you could imagine. The roads were crazy with people offering food to you through the bus windows, the was a shed load of McDonalds and pizza hut which i hadn't expect but wasn't suprised!!

Arrived in antgiua and it was everything I expected it to be. The town was beautiful full of colonial style buldings and lots of pastel coloured builidings. Everything was different to back home, The buildings, the smells, the people obviously. It looked amazing!!!

On the first night I walked around the town, there was lots of people so felt real safe. I was starving but had forgot to bring my iPod to work out the currency rate so everything was in guatmelzes, as I only had $15 I didnt want to take the chance of a red neck in a reataurnt and not have enough cash, so on my first night I ate in guatemalas answer to kfc lol!!!

I spent the second day signtseeing and trying to take in that I was on the other side of the world on my own. I walked around the main square and met a wee girl who wanted to look at my camera, I let her however the whole time I had visions of my chasing her down the street when she ran away with it...she didn't thank god and I was being para(again). It felt pretty good actually being on my own, and I spent the whole day doing exactly what I wanted to do. I Walked to the top of cerro de la cruz, (cross on the hill) it tells you to do this at 10am or 3pm as the police are there, I'm not going to lie I was shitting it walking up this hill in case I was mugged lol..(over active imagination) but knew I had to go there, I made it to the top safely and it was worth every bit of it, you could see the whole of Antigua the view was breathtaking and although I was far away from home and feeling a tad vulnerable it was well worth it, been a few years since I travelled and this reminded me of how good it feels when you get somewhere you have looked forward to going to

All in all a good start to the trip, although I'm not naive enough to believe I would always be in lovely safe places... but this broke me in gently:()

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