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1st site at Singing Hills Ranch cowboy shoot, WV

Great site but we had to move - groan...

WV State Cowboy Championship, Paw Paw, WV

Some of the 110 cowboy/girl shooters

Stages were clustered with lots of trees, stumps, etc.

Rascal attempting to hit all of the targets

Anne HITTING all of the targets

WV to the left, Maryland to the right, & Penn. in far...

Flight 93 Memorial, pictures of those killed

Wall of names

Wall leading to crash site

Looking toward crash site

Large rock marks crash area

Annie Sureshot wins a cowboy shooting award. We had a very interesting cowboy shoot in the hollows of WV! The shoot was the 'Appalachian XX Showdown', the WV State Championship. And, lots of unplanned things happened as well, anywhere from having no cell or internet connections,to having to move our camp site after fully setting up because we were camped in the wrong place, lots of rain, gigantic walnuts dropping from trees at brain-damaging speed, a wheel falling off our gun cart, small and far-placed competition targets, complicated shooting stages, very curvy and dangerous driving roads, etc....we could continue on, BUT the folks were friendly, at least. This shoot we will probably never forget!!!! Oh, about Sureshot's award: She took 2nd in the ladies speed shotgun side match - her first cowboy shooting award - you should have seen the smile on her face. As for Rascal Rick...he won FIRST place in his Silver Senior men's category!! Yahoo!!

We headed on our way north into Pennsylvania today, and decided to stop by the United Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA. Very somber place to visit, even though it's been ten years this month. The memorial was very well done with pictures of those killed on the filight and their names on a long wall. Parts of the wall directed your eyes to the actual site where the plane hit, at a speed of over 500 miles per hour. Those passengers and crew were heroes... keeping the plane, which was only 20 min. away from Washington DC, from probably hitting it's target of the Capitol building or the White House and killing many more people.

Can't believe all the trees throughout this region, and guess what? The autumn leaves are staring to turn!! Yeah!

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