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Cathereal at St Andrews

Another view f the Cathereal

Where Kate Met Will

Steve loved the name

Well the Icelanders turned out to be not such a rowdy bunch after all. The night was very quiet surprisingly. Raining again this morning when left Inverness heading south up into the Grampians. It would have been nice to travel away up into the Highlands and to the very north of Scotland, but alas one can't go everywhere. And besides driving over here takes a lot longer than at home; driving a hundred miles here is like 250 miles at home for time. Roads are not straight, passing lanes are virtually unknown and if you happen to get caught behind a lorrie, well you may follow it for miles. Although frequent signs encourage slow vehicles to use the "layby" to allow "overtaking" and prevent "queues" from forming, this is obviously regarded as a sign of weakness. Actually the drive south from Inverness wasn't bad at all, passing through some lovely country though the tall barren mountains are gone. There are now actual forests and a whole lot of evergreens. The sun came out, it is quite mild and the forecast is for record high temperatures for the south of Scotland and northern England. Through Perth and then into Dundee on the north side of the Firth Of Tay and smack into unbelievable traffic congestion, road construction and a tangle of roundabouts and winding little streets that had us quickly lost and usual composed self in a fury. It took us a while but we made across the new Tay Bridge and eventually to where we are now, St. Andrews for the evening. St. Andrews is what you would expect. An upscale highly commercial, but not cheesy town. An old Scottish town with the usual stone buildings, narrow streets but crowded. Our little hotel is just about a 400 yards from the Old Course at St. Andrews. The town is packed, the high-tone St. Leonard's College is here and as the delightful hotel maid told me with a sneer "they're all bloody rich kids, got their own cars". With a major tournament starting Wednesday there is virtually no where to park, the narrow streets are congested and if it wasn't for Mother's very convenient handicap parking sticker that we use most liberally we would be hooped. Joan & I are sitting in the nice cozy cool basememt pub at our small refurbished old hotel having a pint and doing today's blog. And happily I found a Starbucks up on the High Street. Some of the coffee I've had to endure some mornings has been all but undrinkable. But almost always the food has been terrific everywhere, the portions always so substantial they are seldom finished even with my healthy appetite. Tomorrow it is a short drive down to Edinburgh for two nights and to hook up with our daughter Kristine's best and longest friend, Corrie lives and works here now. A side trip to Dumfermline where my Granny was born and maybe her old house is still there. So it's just about time for dinner so for now it's goodnight from Steve & Joan & Patricia.

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