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So today marks the second official day that I am terribly sick. This is so not all! I must say that comparing yesterday and today; today was a better day.

I am really sad that one of my friends that I went to college with is leaving. Her time is up and now she has to return to the states. She has showed me some of the cool places she enjoys visiting. I secretly hopes she comes back, I mean there isn't anything like having another person that is from the same area as you and you guys can relate. But I have also met some of her most awesome friends and now they will become friends of mine.

Again, I guess that part of meeting new people is all about NETWORKING! Although I live far from the other "foreigners" we have a halfway meeting point. So whenever I want to meet up with the other girls I am sure we all can meet at that place.

I am still trying to get used to the whole "staring thing" that I get. I am not sure if it's because I am a little more tan than they are or if it's just because I am a foreigner. I want to think it's more so that I am a foreigner. Just a few days ago, some little girls were walking behind me; they ran around me to walk in front of me; then they all turned around at once and just stared. I politely said "HELLO" with a smile and they said "Hello" back and didn't say anything else.

I can say that MEN are the same all around the world; no matter what color you are. I think it is extremely funny that the only thing that most Chinese know how to say is "Hello" and when you ask: "Hi,how are you doing today?" They all say the same computerized answer: "I'm fine, Thank You". In my head I am like, "Can someone please give me another answer other than that?!" Seriously!

The culture here is very different. They think if you are blowing your nose you need to go to the hospital because you have the "flu". My response is, "No, I do not need a doctor; I have allergies." And apparently, you're not allowed to smoke in public places...but...hey rules are made to be broken right? That is all I will say about that.

I am still learning that many people can be super nice to your face but as soon as you're gone out the room there is so much that they have to say. My answer to that is, well we're all adults and I am sure whatever it is that you would like for me to know it should be said to me not in third person. I dislike hearing what someone else wanted to say to me from another individual. I am sure that the "middle man" that is telling me what was said has left out some important details. If that is the way it will be I will gladly play along with that "little" game :)

Even when I don't want to; I will still perform at my best.

Family if you're reading this; you are getting know how I am living in China

Send prayers for me :)

Love, Live, Life

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