The Swaffield and Ladd Trip 2004-5 travel blog

We left our home in Palmerston after 6 months and flew down to Christchurch where we picked up the campervan (our home for the next 2 weeks) and then drove up the east coast to Kaikoura.

After our first night in the campervan we hooked up with the Dolphin Encounter company to go swimming with dolphins. We were kitted up with full wetsuits (including hats and gloves) and took the boat 5 mins off shore to where a huge pod of dolphins were based.

Despite the cold, which was relatively un-noticeable in our full wetsuits, it was an amazing experience. Dolphins were swimming up to us and around us and jumping out of the water between us as we snorkelled around. They were probably highly amused by our swimming around in circles and making stupid noises - which apparently attracts them...hmmmm...

However the trip was not all to be fun and games. The second part of the trip was supposed to be a photo taking opportunity. However you will notice the lack of photos. This is because the sea was a bit rough and sea sickness overtook both myself and Carrie. For those of you thinking of trying it I can categorically state that vomiting through a snorkel is not recommended at any time. Both of our thanks go to the lady running the trip who rotated the 3 buckets between the 2 of us and the sea!

Still it was an amazing experience....

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