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Hey friends! Our last few days have been full of fun and travelling. We stayed in Lanquin for two nights at a great hostel called Zephyr Lodge. It was elevated on a nice hill side with awesome views of the valley and river. Thursday morning we went to Semuc Champey with some people from our hostel and had a guide take us around the caves and turquoise pools. We each had to carry a candle in the cave and actually had to swim through the darkness at some points while just holding the candle above water. There were waterfalls in the caves and we had to do a lot of climbing while holding our candle. It was definitely the coolest and most unique cave experience we´ve had. The pools were great to relax in afterwards and it made for an excellent morning. That night before dinner we went on our second cave tour of the day. We arrived at dusk just in time for all of the thousands of bats to be flying around us. Our guide had us turn off our lights and stay quiet and we could hear and feel the bats. Sometimes they actually grazed our bodies but it was cool witnessing their sonar in action.

We are now spending two nights in Flores, which is a tiny island town up north in the Peten department. We went to Tikal today for about 6 hours and had a very knowledgable guide who spoke great English. It was fascinating to hear about the Mayans and how brilliant they were with planning their city according to the solar and lunar cycles.

We´re off to Belize in the morning where we´re going to stay one night in San Ignacio before heading to the beach to relax and enjoy the coral reef.

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