Walking With Cheetahs 2011 travel blog

After an arduous 14 hour flight we finally touched ground at Jo'Burg Int Airport. Due to them swapping planes, swapping gates and probably swapping pilots back at Sydney, we lost our slot on the runway had to wait for 4 other planes to land and take off which meant it was almost an hour late before we took off... but hey, we made up 5 mins coming over!!! yay

One of only two highlights of the trip was seeing the polar ice caps as we flew over the South Pole.. yes folks, we went under the earth to get here so we flew upside down for most of the trip hehehe. It was an amazing site, but didn't see any polar bears :(

The other highlight was they had Pirates of the Carribean 4 as one of the inflight movies hahahaha I was happy!! :)

And Karen spotted a celeb in our misdt........ some pony tail wearing dude from Master Chef, yep that's the one!! Winner of last year?? maybe you can tell us his name.. saw him lining up to board and past on our way to our seats, poor bugger had business class so what did Master Chef do for him hey?? hehehe

Jo'Burg is flat, dry and thankfully our hotel was a 2 min shuttle drive from airport. But it turns out our hotel is part of some resort complex that goes from cheesy Vegas style to stylish modern (which is our building).. its not what we expected that's for sure.

Met a lovely Sth African on the plane coming over. Poor thing had been travelling since 3am Aus time from NZ, to Sydney, to Jo'Burg then has another connecting flight to Cape Town... don't know how she can do it.

Have also met a nice Aussie couple here at the internet kiosk who have just come from spending 5 days at Kruger NP.. they loved it. First time in Sth Africa and they also think its amazing...

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