Walking With Cheetahs 2011 travel blog

After a quick round at Kogarah Gold Course (carpark) this morning, we found the airport .... told Karen to head to where the planes are hehehe

Bit of restless night last night, bed was lumpy and we could hear people snoring from other rooms... well we think thats what it was, we both deny it was us hehehe

Check in was fine, only Karen had her shifty face on and was pulled aside for a thorough drug test and pat down by this burly rounded woman - the kind you only see on the US version of Airline. Karen had to actually ask if all was ok and can she go, they just walked away leaving her there. Think the issue was - Karen was happy to be going somewhere. No one smiles, no one speaks, they just point and grunt down here. No famous sightings of celebs yet but we're looking!!

We've now got 30 min till boarding.. woo wee we're heading to Jo'Burg!!

PS In our computer illiterate state we think we may not be able to upload any photos during our trip as each time we've used an internet kiosk we can't find the bit that takes the thingy which connects to the camera - you know that thingy??? so you may have to be extra patient... but where there's a will there's a way - hey we've made it to our departure gate and on time too!!

See you all in 14 hours :)

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