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We watched a lot of the coverage of the 9-11 remembrances. In particular, the poem Gov. Christie read was relevant for our current situation of “looking forward”. So, we spent the day hiking and kayaking, looking to the future…

We drove to Newport Beach State Park with Dixie and took a hike along the Lynd trail. It wound around Europe Bay on the Lake Michigan side of the peninsula and Europe Bay itself was a calm, very shallow bay. The campsites here are walk-in’s only and located amid dense cedar/balsam forests. The walk was about 3 miles in a loop and we only lost Dixie once when we had moved up the trail, she didn’t see and us decided to go back to the truck. We finally caught up with her. Now we know why they want you to keep your dog on a leash. The day was beautiful and warm – about 82 degrees and sunny with blue skies dotted with the occasional white puffy cloud.

Then, after lunch, around 4:00, we drove back to Potawatami and launched the kayaks, paddled around Sturgeon Bay (the Green Bay side) to Green Bay itself where we floated to watch the lighthouse there. Unfortunately, I forgot to put the camera card in the camera, so no pictures. The sun was setting when we got back from a calm water paddle so we drove to the Tower in the park that is 225 feet above Green Bay to watch the sunset. That is, Bob climbed the tower to photograph the sunset; I only got 2/3 of the way up and had to turn around – I don’t like heights and this was so open with few handrails. Of course, Bob reminding me that the tower was built in 1932 and was due to come down at any minute, didn’t help.

Had dinner at Casey’s BBQ in Egg Harbor – great BBQ!

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