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Biking through the Heather

Fields of heather are finished blooming along our bike path today

Dutch costume from this area

Cheese bowling game at Huizen Days festival

Tug of war game at the festival

Gotta love those bikes!




Spent a beautiful day biking through the "mountain" park near Huizen with Carola and Luna (her dog). Afterwards we attended the local festival and market before returning home to meet Saskia's new boyfriend and Bjorn's new girlfriend. Very nice meal on the new Canadian style BBQ (propane).

At the festival we noticed some really different games. One was a cheese bowling event where the competitor had to roll a giant wheel of cheese to the other end into hole. When and if the cheese falls into the hole they win a prize.

Another game was a tug of war with 4 people attached to elastic ropes. The object of the game is to reach and return all of your blocks before your opponent does. Being attached causes opponents to pull you back to the middle before reaching your blocks.

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