2011 Mediterranean Sojourn a la Seabourn travel blog

Abbey in Gaeta

Petite Abbey in Gaeta

Ruins in Gaeta

Castle in Gaeta

View from the Castello

Entrance to Castle which we couldn't go into

View of Gaeta from the castle



The path down from the Castle

Thursday, September 8 - Gaeta, Italy

I’m assuming this port is fairly new to Seabourn as none of the staff really knew a whole lot about it. Even the bus trip from the tender dock didn’t seem to have an idea on what to do. The bus driver just packed us up in the bus like sardines and drove us about 6 blocks and dropped somewhere that we were told was the center of the city. It was mostly residential, so we ended up hiking to the other side of town where the oldest part of the city is. It’s topped with a massive castle who’s origins are not really certain, but is believed to date back to the 6th or 7th century. We hiked all the way up to the top of the city hoping to see inside the castle. We had new friends from Minneapolis with us - Rick and Nancy. When we reached the top we were informed that the castle was closed for renovation. We did however take some pictures from up there, which were spectacular. After walking back down into the city, the four of us were determined to find a restaurant that serves the local calzone type dish called Tielle di Gaeta - this dish looks like it was prepared in a spring form pan and has two crusts. It’s stuffed with seafood, vegetables or a combination of the two - ours was spinach, broccoli, sausage and cheese. It was very delicious but a little messy with all the olive oil running out of it. We washed it down with Italian beer, used the restroom and found our way back to the tender dock. The security guard at the gate to the dock was so cute, he told Nancy and I beautiful ladies couldn’t leave, they had to stay in Gaeta - we teased back by telling him we would have to move in with him if that’s the case. He then laughed and allowed us to pass through the gate - that will teach our husbands not to leave us behind.

Rick and I were invited up to the bridge today to meet with the Captain and see how the ship is operated. It was a very impressive bridge with the most sophisticated equipment I’ve ever seen. Very modern and up to date. We were told the automatic pilot on the ship is one of the best and they use it most of the time.

Tonight Rick had requested a special dinner for us at the Sky Bar grill. We’ve gotten to know Tomas who is in charge of that restaurant. We requested a grilled fish as we are tired of the steak and prawns they had been serving. Tomas called this morning to tell us he will be preparing this special dinner for us. We invited Rick and Nancy to join us.

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