On the Road Again--Summer 2011 travel blog

Kermit arrived....

Kermit moving table getting ready for his talk at 1:00pm

Be careful Kermit don't fall. He is putting a backdrop up to...

Tom and Kermit getting ready for the show to begin...

Tom and Kermit chatting before the talk

Campers chatting before the talk at 1:00pm

Ham Radio Folks chatting. To the far left is Leo he is...

Kermit giving his presentation

The presentation

Everyone enjoying the ARRL presentation

Tom to the far left and Leo up front right and other...



Ham Radio Station set up for anyone's use.

Kermit showed up yesterday (Central Division ARRL Vice Director) and will be giving an ARRL talk to the group today at 1:00pm. His talk was very informative and I think the crowd really enjoyed it. They also enjoyed the fact that an ARRL Vice Director came out and spoke to the group.

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