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LaRue & Curtis Snack Shack & maintenance

Floyd & Aladeen Front gate

Curtis, LaRue & Bill at the BBQ

Ramona & LaRue

BIll & Ramona Fellow camp hosts

Loren & Sue Regional Managers

Norm & Luella Maintenance & Snack Shack

Craig & Linda great new camping friends

Labor Day weekend is over and the campground is slowing down so Mike and I packed up and headed out. What a wild weekend it turned out to be. The campground had been very slow with very few campers for the last two weeks in August so we had time to get the rig ready to travel. When Mike made a noon run on Friday we still had 3 campsites open. At 1:30 I made a run and the campground was full and we went in to overflow which gives us another 20 sites without power and water...by 6 p.m. we had filled 18 of those 20 overflow sites and stayed full all weekend. Between taking care of campers we had a fun bar-b-q at Bill and Ramona's then lunch together with the whole crew on Monday. As you would guess on Monday there was a mass exodus and we had 39 (out of 40)sites plus 2 group sites and all the day use area to clean! By far the wildest weekend all summer. Finishing up on the motor home we fell in to bed so we would have time to say our goodbyes to everyone we had worked with for the summer. Tearful and sad that we were leaving such wonderful friends, we all promised to stay in touch and hopefully see each other soon. Leaving an hour later than we wanted we pointed the motor home southeast out of Baker City towards Ontario knowing we were running late to keep our lunch date with Linda, one of the many wonderful friends we had made throughout the summer. As we were leaving Baker, I texted her at work to see if we could meet for a late lunch (only an hour) only to realize that we were crossing into Mountain Daylight time and we were going to be 2 hours late! So much for our lunch plans. Arriving in Ontario where it was 94 degrees, we ran our errands feeling sad that we had missed seeing Linda. Late in the afternoon I was surprised by a text from her asking if we were still in town. As it turned out, not only did we get to see her but Craig got home about the time we were madly trying to make plans. A few messages later they were on their way over to have a glass of wine and go out to dinner together (a real bonus for us as we were sure we weren't going to get to see Craig). Lots of stories and laughs, a few jokes, some camping stories, a Walmart nightmare and I'm sure a few tall tales thrown in, it was an evening to cherish and feel so blessed about the wonderful friendship we had made. Once again with lots of promises to keep in touch we were ready to start our journey to Montana. Having spent the summer with a great crew (for the most part...there's always one you know) and meeting so many nice people and ending up with several sets of great new friends, our summer was complete. Would we camp host again...you bet. Would we love to work with most of the crew again...absolutely. Would we make a commitment for 5 months...not so much. Till next time.................

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