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On Thursday we went to a great market in Chichicastenango, or chichi for short. It was a fun experience and a very colorful place. However, on the way there one of the most frightening things in our life occurred. We were riding in a chicken bus down a four lane highway when we came across a lot of debris on our side of the highway so our driver moved over to the opposite lanes. After a couple of minutes in the other lane, a second chicken bus comes rushing around the curve, and the driver slams on the breaks,stopping with only about 5 feet between us and the other chicken bus. It was really scary but afterwards everyone was just laughing, definitely something not to be forgotten.

On our last two days in Xela we took day trips to a nearby town of San Andres and a wonderful hot springs pool. San Andres is set high up on a hill and is known for having one of the most colorful churches around. The hot springs, Fuentes Georginas, are set back in a very misty, rainforesty area with fog all around. They have three different pools that get colder in temp as they move down. The first one was almost two hot to even put a foot in but the second one was perfect. It was also raining while we were there so it felt nice and was a very tropical environment.

Leaving our host family yesterday in Xela was a sad time, they were soo nice and hospitable and made everything very easy for us. So after a long and extremely packed chicken bus ride, we have arrived at Lago Atitlan which is beautiful. We stayed last night in Santiago which is a very traditional Mayan village where even the men wear traditional clothing and not many of the people there even speak Spanish because they still use their indigenous language. We're now in San Pedro, which is more of a backpackers town and has a lot of nightlife and travelers.

We will keep everyone updated soon!

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