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the ferry cabin




We loved everything about the ferry to Harwich – our cabin was spacious and well-organized, the service was friendly and gracious, and the ship was spotlessly clean. We felt quite pampered, actually, especially upon arrival at the restaurant to find our table was reserved with a sign with our names on it. The food was just meh, but served with warmth and gentle insistence that we speak up if anything wasn't to our satisfaction. We had prebooked dinner and breakfast as part of a package that also included our train tickets, and the whole process was incredibly convenient.

I wish we had ferries like this in America. Perhaps we could install huge canals and we could travel this way down to Florida. It wasn't crowded at all, and every single person who was aboard was well mannered and quiet. A few of them might have been Italian, but if so, they kept the hugging and arguing to a minimum.

We had finished dinner and were in bed well before the ship pulled out of port. And slept very soundly til the 5:30 waking announcement.

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