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La Motte

Tuesday, August 30

Mental Transition

For our last full day in South Africa, the weather cooperated nicely to give us a cloudy, gray day with misty showers by early evening.  How better to get us started thinking about returning home tomorrow.  SA winters have nothing on the Pacific Northwest and we felt right at home in this climate.

We got up  leisurely and decided to just have an easy-going day in the village area.  Johnny made the mistake of being friendly to the other guests in the hotel one too many times and a man and woman in the breakfast room talked our heads off about SA politics.  They were actually very nice and it was an interesting conversation.  They live in SA not far from where we were for the safari but came to Franschhoek on holiday.  Again, we walked away thinking that every country has their issues and in a lot of ways, they aren't that different from ours.  It was interesting to hear their perspective about political corruption in SA and how it seems more transparent than it does in the US.  They are very informed about the US financial recession and how that impacts their parts of the world in a way that they notice. 

We took a self-tour to a gorgeous winery/restaurant called "La Motte".  From the art gallery, to the tasting room, to the meticulous grounds all the way to the stunning restaurant, this place was a show-stopper.  We had a great time just looking around and taking pictures without even bothering to taste the wine.  After a light lunch back in the village, we made plans to visit a nearby spa and do a little final decompressing before we re-enter reality.  The spa was very nice but not quite the same zen look and feel that we see more often in the US.  It was very grand and more elegant than peaceful I'd say.  We both got great massages and at the end they do a complimentary body health analysis.  They measured us, weighed us and even hooked us up to some tiny jumper cables to test body fat index, hydration levels and toxin rates.  Once again my ignorance of the metric system served me beautifully as I walked out with new found sense of body pride knowing that I only weigh 70.7 of whatever they call those things.   All my other measures were "spot on" as Liesel, my body health consultant and new best friend, explained to me which I took to be code for now you can go eat till you bust.

We had a delicious dinner at Reuben's tonight which is the restaurant owned by the current "hottest celebrity chef" in South Africa.  Johnny and I played our favorite travel game that we call "highlights" where we decide what our favorite parts of the trip has been.  We savored our glasses of South African wine and looked back fondly on what a wonderful trip this has been.  That moment of bliss evaporated immediately when Johnny felt it was his duty to remind me that we will be in transit for 32 hours tomorrow and the next day.  You know, I don't ask for much in life.  Would a little denial hurt anyone???  I think not.

This will probably be my last post from the road, as it were.  I'll let you know when we make it back home or if the  reality of the 32 hour trip proved to be too much for me to handle and I decided to stay here and see if anyone notices.


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