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Monday, August 29

A Whale of a Day

Today was a road trip day to Hermanus, the best place in South Africa to see the Southern Right Whales.  And how many did we see you ask???  That would be one and barely at that.  We had a lovely drive getting there and had coffee and scones at The Marine Hotel right on the water in Hermanus but not a lot of whales were out and about today at least not when we were there.  

In fact, the only wild life we saw, much to my dismay, was those damned baboons about whom I've been reading all those warning signs.  There we were driving along,  minding our own business, when Johnny noticed two or three of them sitting right in the middle of the road.  We looked on the side of the road and saw several more including a few baby baboons running and scampering like they were cute or something.  I immediately disregarded all the warning tips I had read to remain calm and look confident and I started frantically pressing every knob and button I could find to make sure all the car doors were locked.  Johnny gave me a look like I was overreacting just a tad given that the automatic car door locks were already engaged and we were safely seated inside the car.  But then I considered the source. This is the man who thought it would be a great idea to breathe when we found ourselves in the middle of an elephant stampede. I figured if baboons could get in a house, they could certainly get into a rental car.  Thankfully, none of them attacked me or the car but it could have happened; you don't know.  Just so you'll know that it's not just me, we later stopped at a little country store that had a sign on the door,  "Please keep the door closed on account of baboons."  I rest my case.

After that harrowing experience, we ventured on and saw beautiful scenery along the Coast Route and did a brief stop at a winery in Stellenbosch before getting back home around 5:30ish.  We decided to have a more casual dinner tonight and walked to a very nice restaurant called "Le Coq" and sat on the balcony in the back and had a sundowner (that's what we South Africans call having a drink while the sun goes down) and a lovely meal.

Tomorrow's our last full day in SA and we're going to play it by ear.  It's supposed to rain so we'll wait and see what the day will bring.


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