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One of the concept maps

I am sitting down to write this as my class of 66 (or 65 or 62 or ...) - but big - puts the finishing touches to its group projects. We have a shortish day tomorrow because the room is needed by someone else at 2.00. I think we'll have sucked the juice out of this particular orange by then! Five days down, one to go!

The students here continue to surprise me with their notion of what might constitute a reasonable attendance. I had a student turn up today who had missed the last 2 days. If it were up to me, I would have suggested she seek to withdraw for compassionate reasons (sick child), but custom and practice seems to be that if they are apologetic it is ok. It will take me some time to become accustomed to this. Still, my tactics are having some effect. A couple presented what they claimed were pressing reasons for absence tomorrow. I said as long as they realised they had make-up work to do. They had a look at the make-up tasks and decided they might be here!

The groups did some concept maps on leading successful change this afternoon which demonstrated a good level of understanding of key concepts - although as might be expected the 15 different groups latched on to different things. Here is an example

Last night Wahab took me his home for tea. His wife Rukshanah had done most of the preparation in advance because she had to attend a funeral in Ba (quite some distance away) for a cousin who had died, and Islamic practice is not to wait too long before burial). We had a beautiful meal while we watched all the goals from the last World Cup on the big screen plasma. Wahab is a soccer fan too!

Wahab and I started with a few kavas. I've had several now and don't really get the attraction, other than a slightly tingly mouth and tongue. It is a lovely welcoming ceremony, but I won't be missing them when I go home!

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