Calhoun Trip to Oshkosh By Gosh August 2011 travel blog

Saturday is a travel day to get us into Indiana and on to meet up with our "new" penny machines in Rockville, Indiana. We got off to a good start from the hotel, but still had not figured out where we would be staying Saturday night (someplace in Indiana). For such a short travel day, it sure had its adventures. We had to go to a Barnes & Noble to try to have Cindy's Nook fixed or replaced. Still works but it has some issues. Found the B&N in Bourbonnas, IL, a southern suburb of Chicago just off I-57. Then hunger struck us, not normal hunger, but we wanted homemade pie hunger. We asked the B&N clerk who lived in the area for the best place and after 10 minute explanation/s of how to get to a favorite place with limited success, we went looking on our own. Guess what, just across the highway at the next intersection a restaurant specializing in Pies. Want to know how we knew? The restaurant was advertising "Special Homemade Pies" on their sign. We went there! Great lunch and better than average pies were enjoyed by all. Note that when we walked in the restaurant it started to rain and must have dropped 1" to 2" of rain. When we were done eating our pies, it stopped and the sun came out. Weather gods are still with us.

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