Calhoun Trip to Oshkosh By Gosh August 2011 travel blog

Cindy doing this entry. After leaving the pie restaurant we traveled a 2 lane corn field lined road toward Remington, IN. Not too far down the road the corn was pretty flattened and then we came upon an accident that looked like an 18 wheeler and a car were blown over into the corn field. The fire trucks, ambulances, and rescue workers were on the scene and we were detoured down a different country rd to by pass the accident. When we returned to the original road a country block later (I think a country block is = to 10 sq acres!) there was another vehicle in the ditch. So don't let anyone tell you that pie isn't good for you! If we hadn't stopped for pie, we would have probably been in the middle of that storm along that same road... When we arrived at the campground, the two office workers were running a hair dryer over their cell phones and dollar bills. They said a bad storm came thru with over 60 mph winds. They were out telling all the campers to put their awnings in when the storm hit and they got drenched. But just like the storms we encountered while in Frankenmuth, about 10 minutes later the sun was bright and the skys were clear. Not like the storms we receive at home! The campground had a nice fishing lake and the man at the trailer next to ours was fishing with his granddaughter. Everyone was excited when he got a bite, but when he reeled it in, it turned out to be a dinner plate size soft-shell turtle! Everyone was surprised at his catch. Later we had a great marshmallow roasting fire, taught the girl staying next door how to roast the perfect marshmallow, then to bed.

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