Calhoun Trip to Oshkosh By Gosh August 2011 travel blog

Having lunch at Penney's outlet in Ohio

Traveling can be tiresome

This was our longest travel day, about 340 miles from Indiana into White Oak to Virginia's home. She called Hud ahead of time and told him we would be there in a couple hours, but with shopping, gas stops, distance to travel we finally got home about 8:30 PM - Eastern Time. Cindy kept it a secret until we got close that she wanted to stop at the Penney's Outlet Store in Ohio.

OK with me, lunch in the parking lot, a little nap and I was ready to continue. Virginia and Cindy went shopping then about an hour later Virginia returns no Cindy, no purse. She said she couldn't find Cindy and she was tired of looking and came back to Lucy. Cindy and I finally hooked up by phone and I did a little shopping, imagine that. We got on the road after about 2 1/2 hours eating lunch and shopping and proceeded East. Stopped for dinner in West Virginia, at Eat n' Park on Cabela Drive near Wheeling off of I-70. The trailer is trailing quite nicely behind Lucy. We got to White Oak, got all of Virginia's possessions into the house and we were about to go to bed, when sister Sandy visited for a couple hours and the girls giggled and laughed into the evening. Me, I went for my book and went to bed.

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