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An intimate gathering!! The hall at UniFiji and a few close friends.

I did make a separate entry for Tuesday but the IT gremlins meant it din't upload, so here is a double header.

Tuesday was a challenge. In a group of this size, making genuine contact with the students is a bit difficult, and the size of the room, along with cultural reticence to speak our in public makes genuine dialogue a challenge. However, by close of play yesterday I had the sense I was beginning to break through - which is just as well, as the energy output required to "drive" the group is a bit high. I think they are getting a bit used to me now.

This is the room I am in. As Sarita said, all these doors make it hard to keep track of people.

Why are the doors an issue? Well there seems to be among some students a fairly flexible attitude to attendance. I knew there were some who came yesterday who had missed Monday, and some who were there on Monday who were not there yesterday. One guy arrived at lunchtime yesterday and I sent him home - he was a local so the decision was easy. This morning, however, I discovered that one guy had left at lunchtime on Monday and missed all day yesterday to attend a Scout Jamboree that is the big show in town. He comes from Ba and had spent quite a bit to be here, so I read him the riot act and let him stay. He'll have quite a bit of make up to do!

Evenings tend to be reasonably uneventful. I only have two episodes of Game of Thrones left to go, and of the ones I have watched, only one was low quality (not the episode - the DVD) so all in all, not bad. It is an intriguing series. The sex and violence make the Sopranos look like a Kindergarten outing!

Wahab had to go back home yesterday after dropping me - he had slept awkwardly and ricked his neck. I was en route to get the local bus when I got a lift from the Dean - a bit of luck! Sarita, another member of the Department had been taking good care of me but she is off to teach on one of the other islands so I won't see her again. Wahab is back on deck today.

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