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THIS is the segment of the drive that I've been waiting for.

The infamous Leggett to Fort Bragg jaunt. What a road. It literally reminds me of when Helmut and I did the Nurburgring-Nordschlieffe in '09. Whoever built this road was a car freak, plain and simple. And the pictures don't do it justice.

Like most car freaks, I set a goal for this road. But it wasn't a specific time, or a specific max speed I was aiming for. Nay, my goal was far more modest: I just wanted to make it the whole way this time without getting out on the side of the road from making myself car-sick. Which is what happened last time I did this route in the 328GTS. During that unfortunate episode, as I stood there hunched over in my misery, passersby laughed. They pointed. They honked. All the while, I honked my lunch clear across the beautifully sculpted Pininfarina fender of my car. I was determined not to let it happen again.

Happily, I can report succesfully meeting this lofty goal. Look for me in an upcoming Anthony Robbins testimonial.

I detoured to the famous "Drive Thru Tree", but the Testarossa is a smidge too wide. So I got back on with the regularly scheduled programme.

Back in the moment, there is nothing like a coastal evening. The sunset along the coast with the sound of that symphonic flat-12 Italian engine going through the rev range while reverberating its howl off the gigantic California Coastal Redwood tress (that reach over 300 feet high!) made for a glorious combination. My final destination was a quaint and tiny little town called Gualala, California (pronounced "whoo-ah-LA-la". Hey, it's just fun to say. Sort of like when you say "Mika Hakkinen". It's just fun.)

As I drove along, Dom, Ali, Steve and Carlo all called. It made me think this might be a fun trip in convoy some day...

Distance travelled: an electrifying 651kms

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